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Sythenis of thio and hydrazine new uracil derivatives  
Hala. M .G.Alzahaw y                 Farah. Kh. H. ALjuboor

Chemistry Department\College of science\Kirkuk university

Received date: 2/1/2011                       Accepted date: 2/5/2012  

       The first part of this research work included the preparation of thio and hydrazine uracil derivatives. In order to obtain such derivatives, it was required to prepare 4-Chlorouracil (1), which contains a chlorine atom at carbon-4, that can easily be obtained from the reaction of 2, 4, 6-Trichloro pyrimidine with a mixture of diethyl aniline and POCl3. The prepared compound was reacted with aqueous hydrazine with continuous stirring to obtaine 4-hydrazinouracil (2). Compound (2) was reacted with aldehydes,ketones (aromatic and heterocyclic ) compounds to obtain the Schiff bases (3),(4),(5a- e).)        For the preparation of compound 4-Mercptouracil (6), compound (1) was reacted with thio urea for three hours. In order to obtain the derivatives, Compound (6) was reacted with ethanol with the continuous addition of potassium hydroxide and alkyl halide. The second part of this research work included the transformation of hydrazide acid derivatives into the derivatives of oxadiazole,thiodiazole and triazole. The alkylation of these derivatives was conducted by alkyl halides and using 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene. The identification of the new compounds was achieved by IR, H1-NMR and their molecular masses were determined.                                                                                                                          
keywords: hydrazine uracil derivatives, Schiff bases and  Mercptouracil


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