kirkuk university journal scientific studies

ISSN: 19920849 
Publisher: Kirkuk University 
Faculty: Science 
Language: Arabic and English 

This journal is Open Access 

KUJSS 2010 (vol.5) No.1

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Using of remote sensing and GIS techniques in survey and studying land cover changes in Kirkuk governorate Dalshad R. Azeez 684
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Cutting on Forage and Its Components of Millet Omar K. Aziz 666
The Study of the Properties of Optical Fiber Made Of Doped Silica Najla O. Hassan Abdullsttar A. Aesa Muhammed A. Hussein 663
Effect of X-Ray on the properties of AlGaAs semiconductor Laser Sabri Jasem Mohammed Wlla Mahfooth Mohammed Ameen 662
Study The Radiatory Pollution in Selected Soils of Kirkuk Governorate Farid M. Mohammed* Shaker M. AL-Jobori** Sameen F. Mohammed* 678
Experimental study on Natural Convection heat transfer from an array of heated Cylinders located on specified floor Muhand A. Al dhahir* Omed A.Abbass ** 640
Scour in Stone Beds Downstream Weirs and Compound Gates Bahzad M. Ali* Mwafaq Y. Mohammed** Ahmad A. Ahmed * 732
A New Technique to Compute Complex Roots Sasan A. Muheadden 811
Optical properties of polymer composite PS-PC thin films Dana A. Tahir 677
A Study of Papanicolaou Smear Diagnoses in Hawler City Sarween Z. Hamad Ameen 717
A study on the main sewage channel in Erbil city Destiny and its matching to irrigation purpose Umran H.K.Bapeer 666
Evaluation of Different Serologic Laboratory Tests Used For Diagnosis of Brucella Antibodies among Patients in Azadi Teaching Hospital in Kirkuk City Hadi H. Mohammad Ali* Ali H. Mohammad Ameen** 587
Forced Convection about a Horizontal Cylinder Embedded in a Porous Medium Ahmed H. Ahmed 703
Amplitude Control of Single Phase Capacitor Motor Fatin.N.Barsoum 691
Analytical Study about the Behavior of Prestressed Composite Steel Beams Saad F. Salih Miged 702


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