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ISSN: 19920849 
Publisher: Kirkuk University 
Faculty: Science 
Language: Arabic and English 

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KUJSS 2010 (vol.5) No.2

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Experimental Study in Direct Shear Strength of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Husain M. Husain* Moayad M. Kasim** Esam M. Aziz*** 750
Approximate Solution for the System of Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations of the Second Kind by Weighted Residual Methods Rostam K. Saeed* Chinar S. Ahmed** 588
An Application of Lagrange Multiplier for integer Linear Programming in production- Transportation with Flexible Transportation Cost Abdul Rahim K.Rahi Suzan S. Haydar 717
Modified Algorithm for Scheduling Problem With Efficient Solutions Ayad M. Ramadan 633
Determination of Natural Isotope and Radionuclide of Out Door High Dose Rate in Garmik Area-kurdistan Region NE-Iraq. Adel M. Hussein Kamal O. Abdullah Kamal H. Kareem 619
Some neotectonic notes on the selected topographic expressions between shari and tharthar lakes Central iraq Duraid B. Deikran 702
Palynological Study of Ora and the Upper Part of Kaista Formation in Zakho area, Iraqi Kurdistan Region Srood F. Naqishbandi Govand H. Sherwani Dana N. Redha 659
Intraplate Earthquakes in Iraqi Western Desert Emad A.M. Al-Heety 683
Epidemiological study of hypertensive cases among teaching staffs in kirkuk university Mohammed M. Mohammed* Salah M. Salih Hassan** Evan M. Mustafa *** 686
Sepsis in Neonatology Unit of Kirkuk Pediatric Hospital Ziad M. Sadiq* Ahmed H. Al-Anee** 703
Detection of Gene Action for Yield and Its Components in Maize Using Diallel Cross A. S. A. Mohamed* K. M. Dawod* Kh. Kh. Al-Guboury* 657
Susceptibility of Bread Wheat Cultivars to Wheat Gall Nematode and A Study Some of the Gene Action of Infection Percentage Jasim .M.A.ALJobouri Ahmed.H.A. ALJobouri Emad.Kh.Kh.AL.Qaissi 505
Toxic Effect of Some Chemical Compounds of Sap and Heartwood of Some Forest Trees on Termite (Microcerotermes Diversus Silv. Isoptera:Termitidae) Nazar M. Al – Mallah* Shahin A. Mustafa ** Waleed A. Qasseer * 615
Estimation of Some Genetic Parmeters in Maize (Zea mays l.) by using factorial mating design Fakhradeen A.Q. Sedeeq mona A. Yousef 644
The Relationship between Slope and Luminosity for Elliptical Galaxies Mohsen H. Ali AL-Khafajy 619
Study the Effect of X-Ray on BJT Transistor at Different Periods of Time Walla M. Mohammad 686
Study the Effect of Irradiation by Gamma-Ray on the Optical Properties of the Thin Films Abdulmajed E. Ibrahim Neraan F. Abd-Aljabaar Kasim H. Mahmood 640
Oocyte development in liza abu Gazwa. D. Al-Nakeeb Mukhtar. Kh. Haba 669
Theoretical study of a Rotary Regenerator in a Thermal Power Plant Wadhah H. Abdul-Razaq 658
Effect of Externally Bonded Strips of Polymer Fiber (frp) on the Shear Strength of R.C Beam Bayar J. Mohammed* Bakhtiar A. Muhaiddin** 627


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