kirkuk university journal scientific studies

ISSN: 19920849 
Publisher: Kirkuk University 
Faculty: Science 
Language: Arabic and English 

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KUJSS 2007 (vol.2) No.1

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Matric potential at wetting front as a function of soilwater properties Hussein A.M.J. Al-Kahwaji and Hassan . H . M 629
Effect of using two types of local mineral mud (mohammed – torhan and Kirkuk) instead of activated sodium bentonite upon the haematological and biochemical parameters for female quails fed diet contaminated with aflatoxin A. A. SHLIJ* , M. I. A. AL-NEEMI** and T. M. AL-MUFFTI*** 489
On Zero-Symmetric Left Centrally Prime Near-Rings Adil Kadir Jabbar* and Abdulrahman Hamed Majeed** 679
A new hybrid scaled search direction for unconstrained optimization Runak M. Abdula* and Abbas Y. Al Bayati** 649
Solution of a System of Linear Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind by Iteration Methods Rostam K. Saeed 642
Development of high performance liquid chromatographic method for determination of famotidine and ranitidine.HCl in pharmaceutical preparations Abdul Majeed K. Ahmed* , Suham T.Amine** and Ali I. Khaleel*** 619
Sedimentology and hydrocarbon generation potential of middle tithonian-berriassian chia gara formation,well k-109, Kirkuk oil field, NE Iraq Ibrahim M.J.Mohyaldin* and Fawzi M. Al-Beyati** 601
Origin of plagiogranites in the mawat ophiolite complex,kurdistan region, NE Iraq Tola A. Mirza* and Sabah A.Ismail** 829
A comparative study of Iodine content in the drinking water From Kirkuk and Nasrya Governments - Iraq Hassan A.Al-Jumaily 946
First record of digenetic trematodes of frogs Rana ridibunda ridibunda collected from Kirkuk, Iraq. Husain F. Hassan and Shukriya A. Mohamed 717
Realation of yield and its components with different picking times for two cotton varieties Khalid Kh. Al-Juboori 612
Effect of tow types of cultivaitors on weed control & the yield for apricot orchard in grdarasha field / erbil Bahram kh. Mohammed* Hussein Th. Tahir** Talat M. Amin** 685
Robust Model Selection in Linear regression Dr. Sabah Haseeb Hassan 599
Dynamic Loadings Of Precastretaining Walls ٍ Saad Farhan Salih Majid 660
Study the ability of using of solar energy for domestic heating in Kirkuk city S.M.Al-Mashat* O.K. Ahmad** .H. Ahmed** A.M.Murshed*** 651


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