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ISSN: 19920849 
Publisher: Kirkuk University 
Faculty: Science 
Language: Arabic and English 

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KUJSS 2015 (vol.10) No.2

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Environmental study of physical and chemical properties for Lower Zaab river water in both Debis and Alton kobri stations in Kirkuk province for year 2013 1Mohammed K. Mohammed , 2Khalid A. Kareem 673
Follow-up Oxidative Stress in saliva of gestational diabetes Women Asra'a I. Yaseen1 , Ferah G. Al-Salihi2 , Nesryn Y. Kamees3 515
The effect of the concentrations and sizes of dust particles on the parameters of the electronic transition in the plasma Alarcon for Radio Frequencies 1Nabhan A. Hamdon , 2Alaa Y. Yakub 473
Study the partial substitution and annealing on Structure and Electrical Properties of compound Tl2-xAgxSr2-yBayCa2Cu3O10+& Superconductor NIHAD A. Shafeek1 , Khalid H. Razzeg2 , Abdul K. Dahash Ali3 454
Molecular Study of Sortase Enzyme in Streptococcus pyogenes Isolated From Patients With Tonsillitis in Kirkuk City Zakao H. Saeed Al-Shwany1 , Ibraheem S. Ahmed Al-Jebori2 466
Effect a Nd:YAG Laser Irradiation on The Optical And Structural Properties of Thin Film (CdO) Prepared by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis (CSP)Technique. Zainab S. Ali1 , Hussain S. Akbar2 , Awatif S. Jasim3 482
Epidemiological and diagnostic studies of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Kirkuk Governorate Husain F. Hassan , 2Abdullah S. Ahmad1 781
Suitability of Fatha Formation Limestone rocks for building and railway ballast in Shrqat / Northern Iraq Mustafa I. Ahmed1 , Mohammed R. Abood2 547
Synthesis of some organic hydrazone compounds by using microwave radiation Nihad Ismeal Taha 513
Isolation and identification of shigella from children in Kirkuk city and the studying some of the virulence characters invitro Sarah S. Ghareeb1 , Hager A. Shareef2 439
Seroprevalence of Toxoplasmosis among blood donors in Kirkuk main blood bank. Rana H. Al-jubory1 , Mohammed A. kadir2 , Essa H. Al-hadedy3 534
Effect of Hot water extract of pomegranate peel on swarming and hemolysin production in multiple antibiotics resistance Proteus mirabilis Salah S. Zain alabidin1 , Banan H. Ahmed2 465
A Study of the Operational Conditions Influence on the Performance of Kirkuk Gas Plant Abid Zedan Khalaf 479
Wastewater Treatment a way sedimentation and filtration and study its impact on the accumulation of trace elements in plant celery Apium graveolens L Assen Hussein , Ibrahim O. Saeed , Jihad D. Mahal 479
Synthesis , characterization of some formazane derivatives and study their dyes stability and antibacterial activity 1Fawzi H. Jumaa Al-obaidy , 2Abdul Wahed K. Abdul Wahed Al-jubory 504
Using Markov chain absorbent in predicting numbers of graduate students to some sections College of Science / University of Kirkuk Shehab A. Ibrahem 461
Synthesis Characterization and Biological Activity of Some Metal Complexes Derived from Oxadiazole Amira J. Al-Shaheen1 , Mohamed Moayed2 538


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