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Publisher: Kirkuk University 
Faculty: Science 
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kujss 2015 (vol.10) No.3

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Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Investigation of Some New Metal Complexes of Cu2+, Mn2+, Co2+, Zn2+ and Ni2+ ions with the Ligand of 2-[(8-hydroxy-1-quinolin-5-yl)-methyl]-1H-1,2-benzothiazole-3-(2H)-one-1,1-dioxide 1Afraa S.Shehab, 2Jawdat H. Abdul Wahid 399
Nanostructure and optical propertes of porous silicon layer 1Baha T.Chiad , 2Falah A-H. Mutlak, 3Shihab A. Motar 577
Radon concentration Measurements in Qaysare of Erbil City 1Ali H. Ahmed , 2Salih O. Haji , 3Hiwa H. Azeez 570
Uracil Compounds As Inhibitors For Glutamate Oxaloactate Tansaminase (GOT) In Serum Of Some Leukemia Patients Nadia Q. Haj 566
Effect of Composition and Annealing on Structural and Optical Properties of (ZnO)1-X (TiO2) X Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Method 1Huda L. Nida , 2AbdulkaderJ.Muhammad , 3AliI.Salih 526
Some salivary parameters in relation to dental caries - experiences Sulafa K. Banoosh 621
A Comparative Study between Analytical and Numerical Solution of Unsteady State One-Dimensional Heat Transfer for Different Materials 1Ehsan F. Abbas , 2Iesam J. Hasan , 3Amir K. Ali 483
Assessment of the quality of drinking water of Halabja City-Iraqi Kurdistan 1Faisal A. Salih , 2Attallah O. Kasem , 3Tareq H. Abdullah , 4Nasih F. Othman , 5Muhammed B. Mina 663
Petrogenesis of metabasalt rocks in the Bulfat complex, Kurdistan region, Iraqi Zagros Suture Zone Sarmad A. Ali 1&2 628
New Scaled Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Training Artificial Neural Networks Based on Pure Conjugacy Condition 1Khalil K. Abbo , 2Hind H. Mohamed 519
Antibiotic Resistance Study and Detection of Virulence Gene among Uropathogenic E.coli 1Zhian g. nanakali , 2Zirak F. Ahmad 551
Finite Strain Estimation in Baba Dome Using Fry Method (NE Iraq) 1Duraid B. Deikran , 2Waad M. AL_Hamdani 498
Compton profile and charge transfer of CaCl2 Sameen F. Mohammed 547
Evaluation of the efficacy of UV light, Laser lights and Nigella sativa alcoholic extract on the Viability of Leishmania tropica promastigotes in vitro 1Haneen E. Hussein , 2Abdul Rahman A. Al-Tae , 3Mohammed A. Kadir 488
Coplanar Maneuvers Transfer for Mission Design with Lowest ∆ʋ using Series Solution 1Mayada J. Hamwdi , 2Wafaa A. Zaki , 3Ahmed K. Izzet 524
Effect of Glibenclamide and Tomato lycopene extract on some biochemical parameters in serum of alloxan Induced diabetic rabbits Entedhar R. Sarhat , 2Ayhan R. Mahmood , 3Mohammed Sh. Abdulla1 463
Assessment knowledge and life-style practices of patients with hypertension among their disease in rural area of Kirkuk city Abid S. Kumait 490
Evaluation of Pole-dipole technique (Bristow's method) to detect the dimension of K-3 cave in Haditha area -west Iraq- Case study Ali M. Abed 439
Study of γ-ray energy losses in the ionic crystals using Monte Carlo code Abdulhadi M.Ghelab 487
FPGA Implementation of Mean – Max Membership based Defuzzifier Unit Asim M. Murshid 545
Proposed Classification System by Using Artificial Neural Network Esraa Z. Mohammed 501
An analytical study on the specification of city of Kirkuk's water and compare it with the water areas of Alton-kopry and Daquq for human use. Hussein H. Hamed 501
QoS provisioning for Composite Burst Assembly with Burst Segmentation in Optical Burst Switching (OBS) Networks Adnan I. Saleh 495
Prevalence of Entameba histolytica and Entameba dispar among the immune suppressed patients (cancer patients ) after receiving chemotherapy treatment in Azadi Teaching Hospital 1Zubaida N. Mustafa , 2Abdurrahman A. Al tae , 3Abdulgani M. Al Samarai 458
comparison between electrical and mechanical antenna tilt angle in sulaymaniya mobile phone base stations Saba F. Ahmed 516


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