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Publisher: Kirkuk University 
Faculty: Science 
Language: Arabic and English 

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KUJSS 2016 (Vol.11) No.2

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Physical and Chemical Properties Study on the Groundwater in Tuz District Muhammad A. Namiq AL-Obaedy1 , Riadh Abas2 410
Microfacies and depositional environment of Shiranish Formation in Ain Zalah and Butmah Oil fields north west Iraq Wisam A .AL-Juboury1,Abdul-Salam M.AL-Taraf2,Faris N .AL-Juboury3 425
Analysis Styles of Geometric Proportions An analytical study of internal elements (windows) in the old city of Mosul Hafsa R. alomari1, Raad S. Alharbi2 343
Role of Inhibin B in some infertiled women with Polycystic ovary syndrome in Kirkuk city Cheman A. Ebrahem1 , Nazar A. Naje2 390
Comparative study of the radiative Energy Loss and RCSDA of electron within ranges (0.01 ≤ E ≤ 10 )MeV in (_15^31)P , (_19^39)K and (_20^40)Ca Mosab E. Mohammed1 , Sabah M. Aman Allah2 , Sabah J.Fatahi3 374
Effect of Many Plant Extracts and Phenolic Compounds on Some Biological Aspects and Histological Structure on the Cowpea Weevil Ovaries Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) Suhair W.Abdullah1 , Adnan M.Mohammad2 260
Study the Spectral Properties of the Molecule Trimethyl Aluminum (C3H9Al) by Semiempirical Quantum Programs Alaa A. Rauof1 , Hussain S. Akbar2 , Abdul Hakim Sh. Mohammed3 401
The effect of aluminum chloride and acetic acid in some blood picture of male rats Huda S. Khalaf Zinad 388
Treatment of wastewater of Oil Refinery by Ozone Ahmad A. Abid1 , Waleed M. Sheet Alabdraba2 , Hussein H. Hameed3 439
Taxonomic morphological and anatomical study of fruits and seeds for different species of the family Brassicaceae in Iraq Naglaa M. AL-Abide 334
The Performance of Self Compacting Concrete Slab Exposed to High Temperature Under Static and Dynamic Loading 2Mazin B. Al-Deen Abdul Rahman1 , Abdalla S. Tause 325
Geochemistry of major, Trace and rare earth elements in to the Aqra Carbonate rocks taken from Geli Zanta section/ Northern Iraq Sulaiman Abdul Qader Haidar1 , Hisham Y. Dhannoun Al-Dabbagh2 342
Mus musculus infection by Cryptosporidium parvum and treatment by Specific Immunoglobulin IgG after Extraction , purification and molecular weight determination Thaer abdulqader salih alaloosi1 , Omer M. Hassen2 , Abdulkhaliq A. Mohaemeed3 341
Study The Effect Of Rienforcement & cintering particals On Some Metallurgical And Mechanical Properties For Composite ( Cu – SiC ) Prepared By Powder Metallurgy Technique . Najeeb S. Abtan1 , Kamal M. Hussein2 381
Study of Sedimentary Facies and Depositional Environment in Qamchuqa Formation at Northern Iraq Zahra A. Hussein Al-Bayati1 , Nabil Y. Al-Banna2 431
Spectrophotometric determination of Diclofenac sodium in pharmaceutical tablets via oxidative coupling reaction with 2,4-dinitrophenyl hydrazine in the presence of potassium periodate Ymasamen M. kader1 , mohssin H. baker2 325
Estimation the cost of Environment degradation due to Air pollution in Kirkuk city. Mohamed A. Najemalden 399
A diagnostic study of the causes of abortion parasitic and viral in women in Kirkuk city Bafreen M. Raza1 , Sadia Sh. Hamad2 387
A comparative Taxonomic Study of the effect of Dam Al-adheem on the Peganum harmala at Himreen Region Alahin A. Salman Albayti1 , Yaseen M. Ahmed2 407
Measurements of Background Radioactivity in Soil, Water and Dust Storm in Selected Sites of Kirkuk Governorate-Iraq Hussian S. Akbar1 , Mohamed A . Najemalden2 , Rehab T. Ahmed3 323
Preparation and diagnosis of a number of complexes saccharin and aspirin with some divalent metals and study its effect on the serum of infected rabbits diabetes Jenan Th. khutahir AL-Azzawi1 , 2Sabah H. Khorshid , Mudher Y. Mohammed3 364
The Interaction between the Bacterial Content and the Parasitic Worms Present in Shared Environment Athra’a K. Ali AL-Bayati1 , Yaseen H. O. Al-Jobouri2 , Tawfeeq I. AL-Alousi3 403
Preparation of Prodrug from Indomethacine and Ascorbic acid and study of It's Effect on Asparatate amino transferase Enzyme Partially Purified from Blood of Diabetic Patients Type two. Amina F. Yahya1 , Firas T. Maher2 , Hanaa K. Salih3 353
Estimation of Mass Absorption Coefficient for Some Standard Geological Materials Using Incoherent Scattering Intensity of W, Mo ,Cr and Au X-ray Tube Line Salim M. Aldabbagh1 , Ahid Y. Al-Mallah2 311


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