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A Study of the Physical and Chemical Features
of Three Well Water in Kirkuk City and
Determining their Algal Content
Taswos M. K. Ahmed AL-Shwany
College of Education for Science/ Kirkuk University.
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Received Date: 22/1/2014 Accepted Date: 18/6/2014

The present study was conducted about some physical-chemical properties and algal
composition in three artesian wells in Kirkuk city \Iraq from November-2010 to jun-2011. The
results showed that water quality of the studied artesian wells was characterized by an increase
of electrical conduction and chloride ions therefore it causes the land to be salty ,but it can be
used for irrigation in soils with high light transmittance and for agricultural crops resistant to
salinity moreover it showed that it contains Oxygen above critical standard . Statistical analysis
doesn't show any significance difference between physical and -chemical properties of studies
wells in study period. About 37 Algal taxa have been classified in this study. Diatoms was the
most dominant Algal (56.756%) followed by (Chlorophyceae) ( 16.216%) then followed by Blue
green Algae (Cyanophyceae) (13.513%) then followed by (Euglenophyceae) ( ( %8.108 ) at last
followed by ( Dinophycea ) ( 5.405%) .

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Keywords: aquatic environment, wells, groundwater, physical and chemical properties,
Classification of algae.


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