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Statistical study of urinary tract infections at all
in children under the age of five in the city of
Selda Saeed Yaseen
Kirkuk University / College of Veterinary medicine.
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Received date : 3 / 10 / 2013 Accepted date : 4 / 6 / 2014

This study includes isolation and identification of urinary tract infections bacteria in children
(240) urine sample were collected from age (1 day – 5 years ) old who had signs and
symptoms of urinary tract infections . diagnosed by the physician at deferens city in Kirkuk
city for the period (1/10/2012 to 1/4/2013), the result showed a significant bacterial growth in
158 (65.8%) urine sample and 43 (27.22%) cases were males and 115 (72.78%) cases were
females. some factor related to the prevalence of disease were studied such as age, sex,
residence, educational level of parents and the distribution of infection through the study
period and health status of parents , the result showed that the highest proportion (30.44%) of
infection were within the age group (1 – 2 years) and (67.72%)of infection in children who
live in city ,the rate of monthly infection highest between November and February (22.15%)
(20.25%) and (58.8%) of infection children come from alliterated parents, and (54.43%) was
obtained from children their parents suffer from urinary tract infection , (24.68%) of infection
in children suffering the diabetes mellitus , (62.79%) in children who were non circumcision
and (48.10%) in children were suffer the diarrhea . The bacterial isolation were identified
according to microscopically and biochemical testing , gram negative E.coli was common
isolate(49.36%) followed by Klebsiella (20.25%), Proteus spp. (14.55%) and Pseudomonas
(6.32%), While gram positive bacteria staph. aureus represent (9.5%). Microscopic

examination of the patients urine sample to detect the present of pus cell, crystal,epithelium

cell,cast, R.B.C as well as possible of deliberately bacteria in urine sediment under high
power of the microscope.The isolation were testes for antibiotic sensitivity using 10
antibiotics , some of them were commonly used for treatment of urinary tract infection in
children and the isolates showed high resistance against betalactam antibiotics ( Penicillin's )
while most of isolates were sensitive to Quinolones.

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Keyword : UTI, urinary tract infection in children Urinary tract infection Causes, children
disease .



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