VITA of Dr. Hussain Salih akbar
Name: Hussain Salih  akbar.
Sex: mail.
Nationalty: Iraqi.
Birth place: Kirkuk-Iraq
Birth Date: 23/2/1956.
Permeanent address: Kirkuk.
Postal address: College of Science , University of Kirkuk.
Scientic Grade:Assistant Proff.
First appointment date: 29/9/1984.
First appointment Place: Salahadeen- University –Erbil- IRAQ.
Telefon Number: 009647702383015.
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Language spoken: Arabic , Turkish , English.
General specialty: Physics.
Accurate speciality: Plasma Physics.
Academic degree:
·       Phd: IRAQ- Bagdad – Al-nahreen University ,2001.
·       Ms.c: IRAQ-Erbil-  Salahadeen University,1983 .
·       Bs.c: IRAQ- Mosul – Mosul University,1979.
University Teaching Experence: Teaching sujects at iraqi unversity subjects: Plasma physics, Electrity and magnatisim, Computers Skills, Numerical analysis, data base, Elecronics, computer programs in many laguages,computer software applications, solar energy applications  ,control programs, tracking system and mechnics , also for higher education studies.
Interest field:  Thin filmes induced  by laser induced plasma, Solar tracker system desigen, solar radiation measurements, solar energy conversions.
Current Scholarly activeity:
§Solar Energy Conversion Using CdS and CdSe Liquid Junction Photovoltaic Cells . J. Sol. Energy Res. 1983 1 (1) 37-48.
§Effect of Temperature on the Performance of the Photo electrochemical Cells Formed With CdS, CdSe Films. J. Sol. Energy Res. 1988 6 (2) , 1-14.
§Solar Energy Conversion Using ZnSe Photo electrochemical (PEC) Solar Cell . J. Sol. Energy Res. 6 (1).1988 .pp (49-56).
§Degradation of Polystyrene by Gamma rays .J.Math.Phys.;11 (1) ; 1989 PP(209-218).
§Estimation of Solar Radiation on horizontal and tracking Surfaces on Clear days, at Sulaymaniyah and Arbil , Royal Scientific Society Conference ,1990. Jordan, Amman.
§Chemical deposition of CdS Films for Photo electrochemical Solar Energy Conversion. Scientific journal Tikrit University (Science College) Vol.12.No.1.2008.
§Spatial variation of non-uniform argon glow discharge. Czechoslovak Journal of Physics .Vol.56 (2006), Suppl. B (B601-B610).
§Measurement attenuation coefficient of X-ray for alloy (Cu-Zn). Journal of Puree and Applied Science Salahaddin University-Hawler.Vol.20,No.3(2008).
§Design a system for solar Corona. First Conference, Science College /University of Kirkuk.
§Assessment of output power from photovoltaic panels in the city of Kirkuk .Journal ISESCO Vol. !0 No.17 May 2014.(Accepted will be published). 


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